HGH – Genevatropin 120iu

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**Comes with 10ml Sterile Water + 10 insulin pins**

Genevatropin HGH 120iu Kit

Reported Characteristics
Active-Life: Varies upon injection method
Drug Class: Growth Hormone/IGF-1 Precursor (For injection)
Average Reported Dosage: 2-16 i.u. total daily (1mg=2.7 i.u)
Acne: None
Water Retention: Very rare
High Blood Pressure: Very rare
Liver Toxic: None
Aromatization: None
High Anabolic/No Androgenic Effects

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HGH Genevatropin has 3 effects any athlete desires: GH helps the body burn more adipose (fat) tissue by promoting the release of fatty acids to be used as energy. Normally at rest, the body uses about an equal division of fat and carbohydrate calories. When the endocrine system senses a low circulatory level of glucose, the hypothalamus-pituitary-axis (HPA) reacts by releasing GH. The GH then triggers (through a series of enzymic/chemical reactions) the release of fatty acids from adipose stores so metabolic energy requirements can be met. This means exogenous GH administration has been well documented to do the same.


Dosages when taking HGH Genevatropin. For the purpose of stunted growth manufacturers of HGH (due to pituitary hyophysially caused stunted growth) state 0.3 i.u. weekly per LB of body weight. So for a 235 LB bodybuilder that would equal 70.5 i.u. weekly, meaning a daily total of about 10-i.u. However, even 2-3i.u. daily did produce some nice results over a 6-8 week period when the other reported hormone requirements were met as well. Short high dosage burst cycles too were noted to create these results (which will be discussed later) by the more elite of those polled.


3 reviews for HGH – Genevatropin 120iu

  1. hellraiser

    I have been using geneva for 13 months at 4iu a day. Blood work shows its legitimate. Its effects started to really be seen at 6 months.
    Solid product don’t be fooled by the others.

  2. Roncom

    Reliable, and effective brand. Will definitely order again

  3. Ricky

    Been on for about 3 months now at 2 iu a day for some general anti aging benefits and chronic joint pain relief. Product is high quality and service is great.

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