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Performance Anabolics Anadrol – 100 x 25mg tabs

Reported Characteristics
Active – Life: Less than 16 hours
Drug Class: Highly Androgenic / Anabolic Steroid (Oral)
Average Reported Dosage: Men 50-400 mg daily. Women 25-mg daily
Acne: Yes
Water Retention: Yes, high
High Blood Pressure: Yes
Liver Toxic: Yes, very high
DHT Conversions: This is a derivative of DHT
Decreases HPTA Function: Yes, severe
Aromatization: Debatable

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Anadrol is an oral 17-alfa-alkylated steroid that is highly androgenic and highly anabolic. Reported gains in body weight of up to 20 LBS in the first 3 weeks of use were not uncommon. Athletes using this drug experienced remarkable strength and recovery elevations. Users noted a distinct increase in aggressiveness, (which if focused on training only was noted as positive) excessive water retention, and muscular size. Oxymetholone is commonly used as an off season mass building drug, though some mass monsters have used it up to 7-10 days before competition by stacking antagonist anti- estrogens and diuretics.


Oxymetholone is a derivative of DHT. Many report gyno from use but this is unlikely due to this  drug aromatizing because DHT does not aromatize to estrogen. The more likely reason is they purchased bogus oxymetholone from a black market dealer that actually contained methyltestosterone. There is another reason gyno is possible, but we will discuss that in a moment. Oxymetholone does cause high water retention due to electrolyte retention thus creating a massive but puffy appearance to muscles. For the same reason, the drug causes water retention and fluid build up in joints. This manifests itself in  joint pain-free training for most users. In medicine Oxymetholone is used to treat low red blood  cell production which means during administration red blood cell count is stimulated.


As to dosages, advanced bodybuilders and power lifers usually reported excellent results with 50-200 mg daily divided in 2-3 dosages. Since results begin to decline after the first 2 weeks it some reported that their protocols were more productive (and safer) when they started at 50mg daily and increase by one tab weekly until a total of 150-200 mg daily was reached at week 3. They then maintained that dosage for a total of 2-3 additional weeks. Some reported a following protocol that allowed reduced dosages by one tab weekly. Many reported exceptional results with a stack consisting of 50-100 mg oxymetholone daily, 152-228 mg of Parabolon weekly, and 200- 500 mg of testosterone enethate weekly.

Women should not use oxymetholone, but of course some hard core types did report self administration. Novice steroid users should never use oxymetholone without a doctors supervision.

In most cases users reported that liver values returned to normal after 1-2 months of discontinued. This seems to be supported by the available medical literature on oxymetholone. High blood pressure was common during use. High blood pressure should never go untreated. The hair loss does not reverse by the way. Post-cycle the administration of HCG and Clomid was used to return normal HPTA function in all but very rare cases. Post-cycle, without the layering of a transitional phase replacement AAS such as nandrolones, Primobolan Depot, Equipoise or Winstrol Depot, gains made with Oxymetholone alone soon disappear in most cases.

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  1. androgenic

    These were strong tabs just went 2wk on and im going to go 2wk off then repeat for 3x.
    So far these are the best ive had.

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